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August 31, 2010

Day 12: In which I run on 9.5 hours of sleep.

So last night I went to bed at like 11 because I have serious problems staying awake in International Relations on Tuesday/Thursday mornings. I figure this is a) because it is boring or b) because I don’t get enough sleep. Although I cannot fix a) without teaching the class myself and adding unicorns into the curriculum, I decided why not try to remedy b) with a little extra sleep? Since I did all of my homework this weekend, I was in bed early last night and slept well until about 7:45, at which time I dragged myself out of bed with a grand total of nine and a half hours of sleep.

Now you’re wondering: did it make a difference? Not really. I was still sleepy, so maybe the problem really is that a) International Relations is just boring. I’m trying not to voice this opinion to quite so many people, because some might interpret it as I don’t care about the rest of the world. While this is true on a minor scale (seriously, I pretty much only care about myself), it is not true on a major one. I like other countries, even though I’m predisposed to American bias.

At any rate, I went to class this morning and got some serious gossip about what happened this weekend at events I did not attend, went to breakfast and ate mass quantities of bacon, et cetera — the usual, right? I did some more laundry because the room had cleared out.

Let me tell you how clueless the male species is when it comes to doing laundry. Today there were boys in the laundry room that were genuinely surprised when they pulled out articles of clothing that had stains on them. The females of the room (and I say this logically, not stereotypically) were like, “Did you leave a pen in your pocket?” “Here’s some Shout.” “Do you want me to wash it with my stuff after I treat it?”

The boys just sat there clueless.

Really, it’s not that hard.

I went to lunch, then to the library, then to Journalism. Journalism was, once again, lame, which, once again, really upsets me. I want to learn hardcore Journalism stuff, not hear speeches from St. Petersburg Times guys. Come on!

After that I biked back to my dorm, did a little bit more homework, and went to dinner. Now I’m sitting here, getting ready to shower and hopefully hop in bed by 11 again. Although I didn’t experience much of a difference with more sleep, I feel like it can only be a good thing, and my bed is super comfy so it’s worth the extra hours I spend in it.

Day 12: Mundane, to say the least. I don’t think it rained today, which was revolutionary! The alligator was not in the pond (was he in Hume? I DON’ TKNOW!??!?!).

August 30, 2010

Day 11: In which the dining hall has mint chocolate chip ice cream (!).

There is not that much to say about today other than what I wrote in the title. While this does not seem like a spectacular event to you, I have not had mint chocolate chip ice cream in a while and it is my favorite. Also, it’s a major comfort food for me. So far today I’ve had it once, but I’m considering stopping by for some more because the flavors change everyday and I don’t want to miss this.

I got up, tried to do laundry but every machine was full (thankfully, I came back and was able to squeeze in a load of essentials), watched Project Runway, and went to the library with Simon to get homework done. I read for International Relations and Bugs and People, which means that I should only have Rock n Roll homework tomorrow night. I really want to go to bed early tonight because tomorrow starts back up with the 8:30 classes and I don’t want to be sleepy while trying to take notes.

DuNqr.jpg (640×480)

In place of an actual post, I will write you a list of things that I have a newfound appreciation for:

1. Good toilet paper. In my bathroom, we have that paper-thing stuff you use at school and Disney World. One of my suitemates replaced the roll with some Charmin and it was like the best bathroom experience of my life.

2. Hairspray. I’ve never really used hairspray on a daily basis; I reserve it for special occasions like dates and Prom. Here, I use hair spray at least twice a day — even if my hair isn’t up. It’s necessary because otherwise, as soon as I walk outside, I will have thousands of little flyaways all over the place.

3. Q-tips. This is probably TMI, but cleaning my ears every night feels soooo gooooood.

4. Cars. The other night when I got driven somewhere, it was an incredible event. We were going so fast! So quickly! So far! Since I now bike/walk/trek/hike every time I want to go somewhere, it was almost surreal to just be (more or less) effortlessly transported. Holy cow.

5. Ledges on the shower. Shaving my legs is an acrobatic experience, seeing as I have to become a contortionist in order to reach my entire leg. Please note that I am not the only person with this problem; my roommate complains about it too.

6. My bed. My bed is so comfortable. Really. I think I spend 90% of the day thinking about how comfy it is. Past like 8pm, everything becomes a countdown until when I can leap (yeah, my bed is kinda high) onto my mattress and cuddle in my jersey sheets.

7. Wireless internet. All I do is stretch my ethernet cord in hopes that it will be just a little bit longer so I can lie with my laptop on my stomach and browse Reddit at midnight. Pathetic? Yes. Necessary? Obviously.

I’m going to go stop by the dining hall to get some more mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Day 11: Frustrating on the laundry account and mostly spent at Library West (I’m kind of cold here).

August 29, 2010

Day 10: In which I end up at a GatorLAN (aka video game) event.

I slept in again today (until like 11:30, aaaaaaahhhhhhhh), got up, went to lunch, and then went to Library West and cranked out my math homework (not due until Thursday; I am da bomb).

Afterwards, Simon called me to tell me he and his roommates were competing in a GatorLAN event and that I should come as a spectator. I really doubted that the event would be at all interesting for me, but I decided to give it a shot primarily because I was tired of doing math homework.

Boy, was I wrong.

Let me describe to you the scene into which I entered: no less than a hundred computers (ranging from laptops to huge screens to just plan towers with monitors); tons of gamers running around from their station to the front/back of the room; crazy intense video game music playing on loop over loudspeakers. There were long tables with different competitions occurring simultaneously and everyone was so focused.

BrhlH.jpg (4000×3000)

This gaming world was totally new to me. It’s pretty intriguing because for these guys, video games are their escape (like reading or something). Because it’s something they therefore do so frequently, they develop talent and become extremely good at it. Then, when these events come along, they show off their skills and bond over testosterone and joysticks (kidding). But really. Every single person there was no less than incredible a video games, and I swear that they were all like best friends (or little kids: speaking some made-up language outsiders are not intended to understand). Many were there to compete, most were there just to have fun.

Something I still don’t understand: why do boys think it’s fun to watch other boys play video games? Or is it just that I’m desensitized because of the boys?

After we left Matt playing a heated round of some game with a witty name that implies violence, I convinced Simon to go with me to Mochi. Backstory: Simon had told me repeatedly that he does not like Mochi, yet had never tried it! Long story (and walk) short, he liked it tonight. I look forward to going back. Mochi is the ultimate nom. I didn’t get taro this time; I got dulce de leche and original combined and instead of fruit toppings used candy and stuff. It was very good.

So now I’m here. It’s 1:41am and I’m beat. Tomorrow I need to do laundry and watch Project Runway.

Day 10: Full of frozen yogurt and watching other people game.

August 28, 2010

Day 9: In which I explore downtown Gainesville (with friends).

Today was looooong. I was so excited to sleep in, because Friday is the one day of the week that I don’t have an 8:30 class. I had my alarm set for 10:15, and was sleeping peacefully when VRBBBRMMMMMM sounds extremely loudly at 9:45, jolting me out of bed (okay, not really. I just sat up).

The conversation that occured was as follows:

Julia, wrenched from the comfy depths of dreamland: WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!? *panicking, thinking that maybe a UFO has landed right outside of Hume or a UPS truck has driven into the side of our building or dynamite was exploding or UF was under attack or something*

Ruchi, up and getting ready: Someone is vacuuming.

Julia, immediately furious: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY?!!?!?!?!? *falls back asleep*

The rest of the day was normal. I had a calzone for lunch (nom nom nom) and went to two classes.

Then, tonight, I was invited to go out with our neighbors, Darshan and Samyak, my roommate, and some of their mutual friends. We went to dinner at a very eclectic pizza restaurant off-campus called Satchel’s and then to Maude’s coffeeshop, where we played 10 intense rounds of Scattegories. After, the upperclassmen gave us a tour of downtown Gainesville.

I actually just got in (1:51am), and am therefore exhausted and so ready to take a shower. I’m legit excited to go to sleep.

To compensate for this short blog post, I will show you a series of photographs that shows you today’s dining hall food experiment. Enjoy!

Step one: Swipe card to gain access to dining hall. Ask for to-go box.

x3u2s.jpg (640×480)

Step two: Fill box with ingredients for super awesome snack. Grab fruit from the fruit station, peanut butter from the sandwich station, and little pretzels from the salad station.

L1EGK.jpg (640×480)

Step three: Bike back to dorm with box carefully and precariously stowed in backpack.

There is no picture for this step because there is no time to take photographs while trying not to get peanut butter all over $100 worth of textbooks in your backpack.

Step four: Take call on banana phone.

0KVMi.jpg (640×480)

Step five: Slice banana; crush pretzels, mix with peanut butter.

b1ce4.jpg (640×480)

Step six: Enjoy snack and your status as a basically professional chef!

QtIlC.jpg (640×480)

Day 9: Feelin’ chill in 1000-degree heat.

August 27, 2010

Day 8: In which I start to experiment with dining hall food.

Guess what happened today?

Spoiler: it rained.

I biked to class in the rain, I walked in the rain, I looked up a million bus routes to avoid the rain (unsuccessful), I tried to wait until the rain was over, I wore my red rain coat in the rain, I even had to change my entire outfit once because I was soaked.

Nothing more to say here, except for: Ha, Mom! In college, I get to dress myself!

xaPra.jpg (2400×3200)

This was taken right before I sprinted into the dining hall because I was starving and hadn’t eaten in like forever, basically.

On that subject, the most notable parts of my day today were food-related. (Pathetic, you think? Hey, it’s the little things, alright?)

Number one: at lunch, which I ate with Luke, the lady put out an entire tray of red velvet cupcakes and a huge bowl of cream cheese frosting so that we could spread it ourselves and decide how much we wanted. I only had one cupcake, but it was absolutely delectable. Nom nom nom. (It is worth mentioning that by dinner time six hours later, the bowl of frosting was gone. The question is: did they run out, or did the ladies remove it because people were abusing the infinite icing opportunity? Most likely the latter.)

Number two: at dinner, which I ate with James and Ruchi, I decided to try something. I got dirty rice from the Mexican station, chicken wrapped in bacon and roasted chicken from the meat sections, a spinach tortilla from the guy at the sandwich counter, and some cheese from the omelette maker. I then created two mini-burritos! And they were so so good. I really miss cooking (I know it’s only been a week, but it feels like a lifetime, y’know?), so this felt awesome to not only consume but to take time planning and executing. I actually think that Ruchi and I might make brownies this weekend if we can secure the supplies.

Tomorrow (today?) starts the weekend, and I’m pumped. Tomorrow morning I get to sleep in (my first class is at 11:45 as opposed to 8:30!), have a fantastic end-of-week dinner, and probably go to Gator Nights. I need to clean some stuff up around the dorm and do laundry so I’m all in order for the coming week. It should be good.

I’m listening to matchboxtwenty right now and loving them all over again.

Day 8: contrary to popular belief, UF is actually located in Rainsville; I am a culinary master.

August 26, 2010

Day 7: In which I end up 20 feet from Urban Meyer.

Today was more or less lame: class, nap, lunch, homework, rain.

But tonight (!) was very interesting. Urban Meyer, the football coach of the Gators, decided to hold a town hall meeting/interview in which people could ask questions. The first 500 students at the Swamp with a valid Gator 1 ID card were admitted and given a commemorative t-shirt, pizza, Pepsi (ew), and DVD of the national championships (or something). I figured, why not go? It was something to do, would be pretty cool, and if we didn’t get in, we didn’t waste money or anything.

So when Simon got out of class at 5, we biked to the stadium and got in line ASAP, about 180 people back. Doors opened at 7, so we sat there for two hours along with Matt and Sean. They discussed video games and whatever while I did homework (I read my Bugs and People assignment and my Rock n Roll one!), watching the line grow behind us. Luckily, it wasn’t too hot (our spot was in the shade, under a tree) and the time went quickly. Before we knew it, we were flashing our IDs and getting t-shirts and wristbands! We went in and sat in this big room with a lot of cameras and a stage set up — our seats were in the fourth row, to the right side!

Urban Meyer was there, as were a few players (including… dun dun dun… Tim Tebow replacement John Brantley, who is super cute) and officials (like the strength coach or whatever). We watched a few video clips like the recruitment video, all of which were awesome and gave me chills all over. I can’t wait to attend a football game here at UF (if I can get tickets… :/)! It looks like an absolutely incredible, very loud experience. Anyway, all of the guys took questions (Simon asked one!) about player performances, drills, predictions, and NCAA the video game. It was all very lighthearted; the atmosphere was casual and everyone was constantly joking. I was pretty impressed by their humility — many times throughout the evening, Coach Meyer and the players expressed their gratitude for student support and made it clear that this was the motive for the town hall — to involve the students of UF with the football team. “We’re all family here,” Meyer said.

Afterwards, Simon and Sean met Jeff Demps (I took the picture), and then we were served pizza by someone we were pretty sure was Meyer’s wife. I snagged a poster and we went to go get real food (read: PB&J, chocolate milk, and ice cream) at the dining hall before going to our respective dorms.

All in all, a legit night. I’m definitely wearing my wristband for as long as possible.

aWkt9.jpg (640×480)

Day 7: Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been here for a week. Moar biking uphill and full of cool Gator football vids.

August 25, 2010

Day 6: In which I start my transformation into the girl in the red raincoat.

Today it rained at UF.

When I say that, you don’t really understand what it means. I mean, you probably like frowned a bit to yourself and thought “well, that sucked.” And don’t get me wrong, I always appreciate sympathy, but you need to amp it up a bit.

Because I guarantee you didn’t think about the repercussions when you have to TREK/BIKE EVERYWHERE! Today, I walked outside about 30 minutes before my next class and noticed it was pouring. I was pretty far from my class, to which I was planning to bike. I figured that I wasn’t coordinated enough to simultaneously hold an umbrella and ride a bicycle, so that left me with two choices: 1) walking with an umbrella, which meant that I would be not only very grumpy walking into my class but also wet and late, and 2) riding the bus. I grabbed my bright red raincoat and hopped aboard the 120, which takes students from my dorm to the Hub (the Hub is right next to Turlington, which is where three of my classes meet). I got on pretty nervous and hoping for the best, and jumped off a stop early because I got afraid that maybe — maybe — they wouldn’t stop at the Hub, and I would miss Turlington (spoiler: they did stop).

At this point, it was still raining pretty hard, so I put on my raincoat and started to trek (uphill, obviously). I arrived at class before it started (of course). But now I know how the buses work (read: which one I should take to cut down my walking time). I’m still too nervous to try one as my main transportation method, as in like taking one in the morning, so I’ll continue to trek everywhere, but it’ll be nice when I’m not rushing to get to class.

Other notable parts of my day: getting a full plate of what appeared to be chicken nuggets (score!) in the dining hall, taking a bite, and finding out they were soy nuggets (wtf?), the dining hall not having any cake, doing a ton of math homework (and still leaving some for tomorrow!), etc.

Alright, alright, I’m just grumpy. It’s late; I’ll be up in like 7 hours so I need to go. I only have one class tomorrow (today?) — contemplating coming back to my dorm and sleeping for a while afterwards. That’d be a counterproductive but very collegiate thing to do, amirite?

At least my hair looked cute today. I’ve almost figured out how to make my hairstyle hardy enough to last through all of the sweat/rain/humidity all day!

KP9qf.jpg (640×480)

Day 6: Wet and grumpy.

August 24, 2010

Day 5: In which classes start and I bike uphill all day.

This blog post should be a bit more concise, as I have math (ew) to read before tomorrow’s lecture.

Classes started for me at 8:30 today; I woke up at 7 and was at the building about a half hour before I needed to be (blame it on the nerves). I only had two classes — Introduction to International Relations and Journalism 101. International Relations was somewhat boring (already?!), but all the guy did was go over the syllabus and talk about Afghanistan and Africa (I have a feeling that this will be a typical thing). He’s a pretty professional professor; he’s also the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, so he knows what he’s doing. He also wrote our textbook, which is good and bad because he says that this way, he knows we’ll learn everything we need to and he can just discuss current events in class. Did I mention that all of his tests are essay format? He doesn’t like “multiple-guess” exams.

Journalism was disappointing, really. I was hoping for a professor like this guy, like an old guy who has great stories and has really done big things in the Journalism world. Instead, I’ve got a middle-aged teacher who’s never taught Intro to Jm before and has only written for the Tampa Tribune. :( Don’t get me wrong, he’s still like infinitely more talented than anyone I know and better at Journalism than I could ever be, I’m just sort of let down. I’m also bummed that the class only meets once a week, and we’re having speakers almost every week. I want to learn, darn it! However, I’ve heard that that’s what Reporting (aka super hard intense junior year Journalism class) is for, so I guess I can wait a while. We all bought subscriptions to the New York Times before we left class for the day.

Speaking of the Times, guess what I did today? Read it! The UF campus gives the New York Times and the Gainesville Sun free with your student ID (aka sa-weeeet), and the Independent Florida Alligator (like the campus paper except not — explanation here) is always free. I read them throughout the day. Oh yeah, this Journalism major’s got it going on. Eat that, mean girl in my Journalism class who sat at the front and bragged about her speed writing.

I met up with Simon for lunch, and went to the library for the first time as a UF student. It’s pretty cool, but I’m also kind of upset that it’s not like this majestic palace of books and comfy chairs. I guess I was expecting something along these lines… but forgot we were in the 21st century. The UF library looks like this (it’s an actual picture of it), except I don’t think you can put your feet on those tables and noone is smiling. That being said, the UF library has some legit features — like as the floors get higher, you have to get quieter. First floor is like social talking level, second is like hushed occasional talking, third is quiet except for rustling papers, and eventually it’s like silent. Plus they have a Starbucks. Also, wifi. It’s a really nice place to be… very calm. I’m excited to spend time there; I think I’m going to go tomorrow for a while and read International Relations stuff and do math homework.

Anyway, I swear that all I do is bike uphill. It’s uphill from my dorm to the dining hall, uphill from there to my classes, and then of course for some reason I decide to eat so I go downhill and then bike back uphill to get to where I was. I’m a sweaty disaster by the time I reach where I’m going.

Also, today sucked because I didn’t feel well. Rabo rabo rabo grumble cramps suck, yes?

I stopped by the Student Alumni Association Class of 2014 Welcome event tonight, but it was kind of lame and really overcrowded. I got a free little drawstring backpack though, which made the bike ride (UPHILL, OF COURSE) like 1/3 worth it. I showered at 8:30 and have been sitting on the computer doing stuff since. I really want to get to bed before like 11, but that’s highly unlikely to happen because I still have to get my stuff together for tomorrow and… read math!

Day 5: Cramps, my first library experience, and getting to classes way earlier than necessary.

August 23, 2010

Day 4: In which I play Harry Potter Uno while watching the Harry Potter marathon with most of my floor.

After the day of epic adventuring (and a little sunburn and a lot of soreness) yesterday, I made the decision to take it relatively easy today so I wouldn’t be unmoving for tomorrow’s start of classes. I woke up a little later than usual (9:47) and went to breakfast at 10:30. Afterwards, I biked to locate a few more of my classes. Although I still haven’t checked out all of the halls, I figure that I more or less can locate the buildings (fingers crossed!) and/or can figure out some of them as the week continues (I only have two classes tomorrow).

I decided then to do laundry. Before you shake your head, let me explain: I’ve done laundry before. I do laundry all the time at home, I swear. But this is COLLEGE laundry. True but gross: all of my shorts are dirty because I sweat so hardcore during the days. So I went to the laundry room in Hume, where I live, and tried to get my Gator 1 ID card to let me pay to use a washing machine (I ended up charging myself either two or three times). I watched a little bit of Project Runway on the wifi until Simon called to tell me his dad and sister were visiting for lunch.

I biked to GCDC to eat just a little bit with them (fruit, of course), leaving my clothes. I worried about them the entire time, which is totally irrational because noone would ever steal them due to the facts that a) they’re my size and b) I have terrible fashion sense. I biked back quickly, watched a little more Project Runway (thank God that girl went home, geez she was annoying), and moved them over to the dryer (which cost $1.25 to use).

I then went to the Student Honors Organization Annual BBQ. Nom nom nom catered by Sonny’s! I met up with and met some really nice people who gave me great advice, but I was still worried about apparel theft, so I hurried back to the laundry room after downing some pulled pork, mac and cheese, and pink lemonade.

My 50 minutes of clothes-drying time was up, but my clothes were wet. Problem? Yes. So I started them again, went back to my dorm for a little while, and went back. They were still not dry, but the price of doing this one load of laundry was quickly approaching $10 so I resolved just to take them damp and dry them in my room.

I sat around for a little while, then went to dinner with Simon + the boys where they had… dun dun dun… WHITE CAKE for dessert! Happy happy happy day! It was not white cake with white frosting, though — it was white cake with chocolate frosting. See below for a visual representation of the white cake: chocolate edition.

bklO9.jpg (2700×3600)

Unfortunately, white cake with chocolate frosting does not taste as good as white cake with white frosting. However, fortunately, this still puts it at like the fifth best thing I’ve ever eaten, so it’s doing pretty well in the polls. I almost had two pieces, but decided to give one to Matt, who was famished (jk all the boys do is get fourth servings of stuff and milkshakes and whatever). I considered getting a to-go box and filling it with the cake so that I could have cake all the time in my dorm, but I rationalized (read: it was getting ready to storm outside so I needed to bike back before I got rained on and having a t0-go box filled with albeit delicious white cake would be cumbersome).

Upon returning to my dorm after dinner, a girl came down the hall and asked if I wanted to come play Harry Potter Uno with a bunch of people in the lounge, and I said yes. And then — I interacted! I played Uno (not well, I might add, at one point I had to take nine cards) with probably about a dozen people for about an hour — complete with the Harry Potter movie marathon on ABC Family blaring in the background — until we decided that it was pointless to continue ‘playing’ when all we were doing was talking. We talked about Harry Potter and the film inconsistencies, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and more. It was so much fun.

Now I am back in my dorm. Classes start tomorrow, and I just took the first-day-of-school-shower, which means I took extra effort to look really clean and stuff. I need to get my backpack ready for tomorrow (all I’m bringing is a notebook and a pencil… is this bad?!); I’ve printed all of my syllabuses (syllabi?) and will organize them after I post this. I’m super nervous, I’m going to wake up like really early so I can get to breakfast early and then to class early (I’m worried about getting lost, not being able to get in the bike lane, not being able to lock up my bike, walking in late, you name it). I hope to be in bed by 11:30… cross your fingers! I still haven’t decided what to wear. I want to wear white shorts but doesn’t that just seem like it would be disastrous for a first day of college outfit? (Answer: Yes, for me.) I’m just really scared that I’m not smart enough for college. :/

As for my photoblog: I think it will be permanently housed at Exciting, right!? I plan to post one picture per day. Just one.

Day 4: Relaxed yet full of laundry frustration and nerves for tomorrow.

August 22, 2010

Day 3: In which I spend 80% of the day biking across campus.

Every single night, I draw the conclusion that I am the most tired that I have ever been.

My legs are so sore. I have never been this exhausted. My thighs hurt, my shins hurt, my feet themselves hurt. My ankles have what seems like an immeasurable amount of blisters; my knees are so sore that I can’t sit cross legged.

I never thought college would mean so much walking!

This morning, it was raining as I scurried to breakfast, where I met and ate with my super cute boyfriend Simon. Afterwards, in the break between showers, we biked into the main part of campus (is there even a main part? All I know is that we went places I’ve never been before yet have classes in on Monday) in search of a few of our classrooms. It was SO hot, and even with our frequent breaks to nab water bottles from Christian groups and to pull out our maps (hey, there were other people doing the exact same thing), we were gasping. I have this really awesome quality where my face turns really red the second I get even the slightest bit overheated, so I was lookin’ like a tomato walking around Turlington.

Afterwards, we biked to University (Ave? Blvd? Rd?) and went in a few non-official bookstores looking for a textbook for Simon and a present for his roomie Joe, whose birthday is Monday. We found both of those things, I bought lecture outlines for my math class, and we biked back to get lunch.

Speaking of lunch: the dining hall makes this cake that is all white and is absolutely delicious. Omg. The icing tastes like the perfect mix between buttercream frosting, powdered sugar, rainbows, and grocery store frosting. Nom nom nom cake! On a completely contrasting note, I have started to eat a fruit salad with every meal (okay, so I started at lunch, so it’s only been two times but hey, I have good intentions).

After that, Simon went to hang out with his bros and I came back to my dorm and took a nap for like 45 minutes. When I woke up, I felt bad for wasting time so I decided to go get MY present for Joe. I biked BACK TO UNIVERSITY (1.2 miles, according to Google Maps, my new BFF) and went shopping for a while. Notable events of this trip: me seeing a guy twice on a bike, us hooking our bikes up to the same place, and as we left him saying “See you later, baby!”

Successful, I biked back to my dorm. Do you understand how much biking I did today? Holy cow. Once inside, Simon texted telling me that his group was going to dinner. I biked to the dining center (where I had vegetable penne with alfredo sauce! THANK YOU DINING HALL WORKERS), and then back to my dorm and back to the dining center when I realized I forgot my money.

Then, Ruchi + the boys and I walked… where? Back to University (a cool .7 miles)! We explored there for a little while, and then walked back to Tolbert, where Ruchi parted ways with us and I went to Tolbert with the boys to watch arguably the most quality cinematic masterpiece of our decade — Stepbrothers.

I walked back from Tolbert with the Si Dogg and took a shower and am typing this now from my bed, because my body is too sore to sit in my chair at my desk. I have my ethernet cord and laptop charger stretched way beyond where they’re supposed to stretch. I need to sleep before I pass out on the keyboard.

Day 3: Chock-full of biking and fruit.

PS: I’m really digging “Opposite Day” by Andrew Bird.

Edit: I’m having issues with my photoblog. Try for a while.